Vintage Ikea

Maybe you’ve tried looking at your local thriftstore for an ornate vintage frame to give a sexy makeover to. Maybe your local thriftstore is like mine, mainly carrying a vast assortment of boring and/or cheap frames, usually still displaying pictures of kittens wearing hats. Not sexy. 
If that be the case, go visit my boyfriend, IKEA, and he will hook you up with this lovely frame for only $24! You can give it a distressed makeover like Christen did from La Vida Lista, along with a chalkboard for love notes! I much prefer love notes to kitty pictures, but maybe that’s just me… Thanks Christen!

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  1. Holy moly! I literally have this mirror sitting in a craft closet ready to be chalkboarded! YES!!! Thank you!

  2. Just so you know, IKEA is my boyfriend too. LOVE THIS!

  3. Such an improvement and I love the chalkboard paint!

  4. Adorable. Now if only I could get my husband to write a love note on it everyday I’d be in business.

  5. great idea white is much better

  6. That’s awesome! I love Ikea…but who doesn’t.

  7. I love it! Too bad my closest Ikea is too far.

  8. Bonjour, j’aime bien ce look et c’est une très bonne idée le tableau.

    À bientôt et passez une belle journée.

  9. the white finish looks 10 times better than the black did!

  10. I am on vacation in italy and just happened to get on my blog at an internet cafe and saw my project on your blog! thanks so much for posting!! and ikea is my boyfriend too…

  11. I have been wanting to buy this. my hubby keep holding me back since I told him that I will put it in our common toilet, he disagreed. But I soo want to have this Vintage Ikea Mirror. I’ll just have to convince him again. crossed-fingers. thanks for this post. keep it up!

  12. And Oh Ikea is my BFF (Boy Friend Forever) 😀

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