Tenille’s ta-ta to tile

I live in Arizona, so tile in every room is nothing strange to me. But Tenille’s living room had a tile job that just looked out of place. (“In place” would be somewhere like a public bathroom). And surely you’ve noticed the glaring wall of brick. Literally glaring. It looks angry at me. 
 So Tenille softened up the room with new carpet and calming colors. The fireplace that was once a demanding focal point became a subtle accent, and the whole room now looks like a happy, serene place to hang out. 
 Take an up-close and personal look on her blog Everyday Moments. Thanks Tenille!

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  1. Just beautiful after!

  2. This is just lovely!

  3. Awesome re-do. I’ve been trolling your blog for weeks…I’m getting ready to do a lot of makeovers and you’ve helped get me inspired!

  4. IM SOO EXCITED! Thank you for posting my little re-do..you rock! :0)

  5. The brick fireplace looks so much better painted white. It’s lovely. I might rethink building over mine and just paint.

  6. That tenille rocks my world! what a hot front room!! Way to go tenille! it looks so great!

  7. What a difference painting the fireplace made. It looks so fresh.

  8. What a great redo! Amazing how one thing like painting the fireplace can totally transform the look and feel of the room!

  9. WOW! That’s quite a transformation!

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