Tasha’s Living Room

There certainly wasn’t anything terrifying about this before living room, but there sure was a lot of beige going on. A heck of a lot of beige. That is, until Tasha from The Simply Staged Home got her hands on it and turned it from blah to awe! I know if I was looking to purchase this home, I’d be a lot more excited about walking into the after! 
 What I love most: the new little countertop, it adds a whole new function to the room, how the beautiful front window is now a main focal point, and how there’s actually less art and accessories than before. Now everything seems balanced and in proportion, and I love the soothing colors used too. Check out more from Tasha at The Simply Staged Home!

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  1. A subtle change but SO much better. I really love the new chairs. A great update!

  2. impressive…very nice work!

  3. Love the transformation!

  4. Me likey!!!

  5. Great work! Both rooms look so much brighter.

  6. That was fantastic, I’m headed over to get the paint color.

  7. This room rocks with style now. I love the wall color and the one large piece of art as opposed to all of the smaller units. I also am intrigued by the placement of the chairs in front of the window. I wouldn’t have thought to do that but it really works.
    Pam @ Becolorful

  8. This turned out great!!


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  9. from blah to ahhh!!

  10. I love neutral rooms so this is right up my street. Love it!

  11. I like the new flooring!! Jealous!!

  12. I would love to know what the paint color is on the wall! 🙂 Could you tell me please?

  13. I’m with Abby…I wanna know what the paint color on the wall is too !

  14. I want to know what the paint color on the wall is too… ???

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