See Cece’s Dresser

There’s always a bit of controversy about painting over wood. People do it all the time but some people think it’s blasphemy! I say, do whatever the heck you want with your furniture. But still, I also think it is so nice to see some natural wood finish once in a while, like this vintage Thomasville dresser from Cece at One Handy Chick. 

She went to a lot of work to pull this off and details every step in a handy tutorial on her blog. She says, “Bringing a piece of furniture back to life again was therapeutic for me. Kinda like going through the divorce left me feeling broken and dilapidated. Then, as God promised, He is bringing me back to life again!” 

 Love that. Thanks Cece!

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  1. Very NICE!

  2. This redo is FABULOUS!

    Sometimes I want to hire these people to makeover the junk I’m always finding but can never think of how to resuscitate.

  3. weren’t kidding. She obviously did put a lot of work into it. It looks as if it were bought like this. Amazing!
    I so have to check out her blood. From the insert you pulled I think I could totally relate.
    Thanks for another great post. I get excited when I see one of your posts in the list and you never dissapoint 🙂

  4. Very pretty and I love that it was theraputic for her doing it!!

  5. beautiful!!

  6. Who would have thought after seeing the top of that dresser that it would turn out so well. It looks fantastic.

  7. So beautiful! I love the hardware too!

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