Rocking Rockers

Chair 1: “Hey.” 
 Chair 2: “Hey yourself. Why so glum?” 
 Chair 1: “Well, I hate to have to tell you this, but we are ugly.” 
 Chair 2: “We … we are?” 
 Chair 1: “Oh yeah. Butt ugly.” 
 Chair 2: “How do you know?” 
 Chair 1: “Well, I guess I wouldn’t know, because no butt has been near me in years! Oh, how I long to hold someone in the gentle embrace of my curving arms!” 
 Chair 2: “Someone sat on me once, but then they fell out the back, and I never saw them again.” 
 Chair 1: “Oh, if only there were some ladies who possessed chair recovering skills, red spray paint, vintage buttons and blog named Peppertowne, we could be glorious again!” 
 Chair 2: “You are off your rocker! And what the heck is a blog?”

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  1. You are hilarious! Love your blog! Linda

  2. That was funny and these ‘rock’! *giggle* !!! Though I don’t think they need the buttons…they are glorious all on their own. Perhaps in person the buttons add a better touch.

  3. GORGEOUS!! Would love it if you checked out my latest redo!!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!

  4. I’ll take two of these please! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  5. First of how WOW!!!!!!!!
    Secondly, you are too funny!!!

  6. Awww, makes me miss my old rocker. Now I need to find one to re-do like this. You are amazing!

  7. Girl! Your making me laugh!


    Love the commentary too! :o)

  9. WOW! How creative are you girl??!!

  10. Sooo Niiiice! Love these 🙂

  11. So cute!

  12. lol. Nice. 🙂

  13. WOW!

  14. that was to cute. I love the chairs!

  15. Ha ha you always make laugh. Too funny.

    Those chairs came out fab!

  16. And to think I threw out my real bent-wood rocker years back. Oh, these are adorable!!!

  17. Too funny! They look awesome 🙂

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