Red Toile Redo

Have you been wondering where to find a talented Canadian who can recover a chair like nobody’s business? Well, not to get your hopes up, because I’m not sure if she has a business, but she sure could. Karli from The World Spins Madly On did this super-professional-looking redo, and somehow only managed to spend $35 total, chair and all! I’d hire her!

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  1. Holy Cow. I may have to SHIP all my chairs to her to redo! LOL

  2. Beautiful job!

  3. This is amazing and inspiring! Has anyone found a good upholstering tutorial for beginners?

  4. Sharp!!

  5. Sharp!!

  6. I Loooove it! It’s almost exactly what I’m looking for! 🙂

  7. My husband thinks that I’m addicted to toile! lol

  8. I LOVE THIS!!!

  9. I’m so happy that you Featured my friend Karli! She is talented.

  10. Love-love-LOVE this!!!!!!!!

  11. I was so excited to be featured today! And thank you all for your wonderful comments! I’m feelin’ the love!!!

  12. WHAT THE FLIP!?!?!?
    Very nicely done. How long did it take you to complete this project? How many yards of fabric did you use?

    Tumaini Rivera
    Twitter: @flippinfactory
    Facebook: Flippin’ Factory


  13. A little fabric goes a long way doesn’t it? Awesome before and after!

  14. love it

  15. Yeah, Karli!

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