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This redo is so hot, it’s been spreading like wildfire across the blogosphere! My apologies if you’ve seen it already, but man oh man, it’s great! 
 You’ve seen them. The builder-grade brass light fixtures, abundant in the 90s, now abandoned in heaps at the thriftstores. No potential there that I can see. But maybe someone can. Maybe someone is willing to pay that $15 and give these babies new life.
 That someone is Bethany from Dwellings by Devore, and I simply am amazed at their Gorgas transformation. I would have never guessed that her beautiful chandeliers had such humble beginnings. Wowzers!

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  1. Very impressive! Those were one style of light fixture that I thought there was no hope for. I am amazed.

  2. WOW! talk about an amzing idea and transformation!!

  3. absolutely inspired!

  4. I had those horrible lights when I lived in Seattle and thought the only solution was to throw them away! Wow – who woulda thought?

  5. Such an improvement! It’s beautiful.

  6. I’ll just bet that a few people reading this are currently kicking themselves for throwing out similar fixtures. That is an amazing “after”.

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