Just Peachy

This chair has undergone a few redos in it’s lifetime, but I think it originally started out with this dark wood, tapestry-covered look.
 For it’s most recent incarnation, Chris from Just Beachy lightened up the paint and recovered it with a bright floral. “Lindsey,” you say, “Are you blind? That is not a bright floral, that is delightfully understated and subtle.” 
 Well, let me finish, why don’t you! Chris, aiming for a more worn and weathered look, turned the fabric around! Paired with the distressed white wood, I think it looks amazing. See the whole darn story HERE.

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  1. Looks like Marie Antoinette’s chair now! Went from Drab to Fab!

  2. I have the PERFECT place for that chair! Loveliness!! Beautiful!!

  3. Great change, Granny just got a face lift!

  4. Sooo much better!

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