It don’t matter if it’s…

I heart black and white. In fact, if you took a look in my closet, you would see that that’s just about all I own. And lots of gray. I was out shopping with a friend the other day and pulled a gray t-shirt off the rack and said “Oooh, I like this!” and she said “WOW! I’m so surprised you would like that GRAY T-SHIRT!” And I laughed because I was wearing a gray t-shirt, and had just bought a gray t-shirt the day before. At least I know what I like, right? 
 Anyway, what was I even talking about? Black and white. Classic, but can also be whimsical and fun! Like me! Right? … Right? Eh… 
 Rachael aka Mrs. Adventure proves it here with her fun nightstands: (Don’t you love the aqua insides?)

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  1. LOVE the aqua interior!

  2. Huge fan of Black…Black certainly makes it BETTER.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. LOVE THOSE! aaand I think you and I should go shopping together, because my closet is also mostly Black and White. 🙂
    Liz Morrissey

  4. love Love LOVE it!!!

  5. you look good in grey!

  6. Yes, I love them! I’m a big black and white fan too. I just posted about my black and white room. I always find something I want to buy for it!

  7. It’s soo hard to see posts like this because it makes me want to paint everything I own!! 🙂 Loving the aqua insides too.

  8. I used to wear mostly black, then I went through a “I need color” phase and now I am back to wanting mostly black and white. 🙂 You crack me up. ahhhhhh ok…the furniture…awesomeness! Love the aqua insides.

  9. Thank you all for your sweet comments I am on a cloud right now!

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