Bathroom by Tasha

Here’s another jewel from Tasha over at The Simply Staged Home. This bathroom was more than staged, it underwent a total transformation with pretty much every single thing gutted out and replaced.
Tell me, is this now not technically considered a full bath, since the tub was removed? Like it even matters, because the new bathroom is about ten million times better and adds so much more value to the home. I’d want this home just for the bathroom! Thanks Tasha!

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  1. wow – it turned out great! I love the paint color

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!

  3. I love the vanity/sinks. Reminds me of a resort!!

  4. Very elegant.

  5. I have those faucets!

    I like the sinks. And the cabinets look really roomy. I also love how you can just walk into the shower.


  6. Wow! This turned out great!!


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  7. The paint color is “Iced Marble” by Benjamin Moore – a favorite of mine for bathrooms and bedrooms with dark wood furniture and white/creamy accents.

  8. Those sinks are awesome! Great idea to get rid of that wall too! What were they thinking? What was the point!

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