Teri’s Tin Roof

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, (mostly because I’m not that creative): if you’re going to do a ‘theme,’ do it all the way baby. Commit to it! Like Teri here, who skipped right past the paint aisle at Lowe’s and went straight to the industrial roofing section instead.
 She just moved into a farm home that she says “already had lots of charm, but now we are in the process of making it our dream farmhouse!” 
 It might not be everyone’s cup of tea for sure, but I say Bravo! Thanks Teri for being unafraid to do what you love!

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  1. I love this…did she give any details as to how she trimmed it? It looks as if she reused the corner and base trim, but I wasn’t positive.

  2. Michellel, we just fit the corrugated tin inside the trim pieces… very easy!

  3. That is really cool- I love thinking outside the box!

  4. How cool! It also looks really industrial. It reminds me of the tin/industrial/wood theme of Chipotle restaurants. Unique and original – love it!

  5. Love it! I really like the industrial/farm look.

  6. Awesome! So clever! Great job Teri!


    Hi Lindsey!

  7. Wow this turned out great! I love the tin what a great idea!



  8. I love this look. I especially like when the tin looks aged – this makes that space POP!!!

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