Sconce Renaissance

Every time I see the word “sconce,” it makes me think of scones. Mmmmm. The following redo is a sconce, not a scone, but nevertheless, it’s still a tasty treat!
 Kristi gave her outdated sconce a quick makeover and didn’t even take it off the wall! She just taped around it, gave it a quick coat and replaced the ruffly glass thing with a new shade. Looks great! Check it out on her blog Creative Kristi, and thanks to AnNicole from Our Suburban Cottage, for bringing this one to my attention!

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  1. I still can’t get over how a coat of paint can totally change the entire piece. This sconce looks amazing now!


  2. Sometimes I just look at these and think, “Whew!” So much better. I can sleep at night knowing that there’s one less sconce that looks like the “before” in the world. Great thinking on this one.

  3. This is a totally different and so stylish look. WOW!

  4. Much better..and I always think of scones to YUM!

  5. Oh yay! There it is. Thanks for featuring it (I mean, I have no horse in the race, but you know what I mean…hopefully).

  6. Hi! Thanks for featuring me! Those sconces are a tragedy to society I tell ya lol They shouldn’t be sold anymore but sadly…they are.
    Again thanks for the feature!

  7. This is timely. I just took some brass sconces off my wall. I was going to get ride of them, but now I may paint them. Hers looks great.
    ♥ Joy

  8. Whoa, I was not expecting that after picture to look so good! I am very impressed.

  9. This is a WONDERFUL post. What a simple thing–and what a huge difference it makes! Thanks for featuring this!

  10. What color did you use for the paint? Really great work,

  11. What color was the spray paint? Really awesome!!!

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