Mills on Wheels

Ok, I admit, when I saw this before … thing, I was pretty skeptical. When Suzanne from Pieced Pastimes brought it home from an antique shop, her husband was pretty skeptical too. We saw junk, but she saw a new coffee table.

When she found that this old mill cart had once belonged to the Harry Stoller Company, she even stenciled the name on the side to add more history.

And guess what? Her husband likes it now, and I have to say I love it, even though I guarantee I would be whacking my knee on those metal end pieces every time I walked by. Thanks Suzanne! See more HERE.

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  1. Oh that is cool!

  2. Very neat!

  3. WOw what an amazing transformation!

  4. WOw what an amazing transformation!

  5. WOw what an amazing transformation!

  6. I love it! Who would have thought

  7. I just noticed that Restoration Hardware had these carts-turned-coffee-tables in their Spring 2010 catalog priced between $900 and $1300. That’s awesome that Suzanne did this on her own and probably saved a ton of money.

  8. You are amazing.. that piece is to die for. I am about to put up an before and after blog myself. Check it out.

  9. How funny! I just did a post on coffee tables on wheels! This looks great and even better than the ones they are charging almost $1,000.00 for!

  10. Her home is so beautiful! This piece fits right in. GORGEOUS!

  11. Oh my gosh. So much more character than pottery barn…and so much cheaper.


  12. It looks phenomenal in that room!

  13. I can’t handle how cool that is. What a great eye!

  14. Holey moley, that is awesome!

  15. That has got to be the most amazing transformation I’ve ever seen! Beautiful!!

  16. that is gorgeous.. that is gorgeous… that is gorgeous..

  17. that is gorgeous.. that is gorgeous… that is gorgeous..

  18. that is gorgeous.. that is gorgeous… that is gorgeous..

  19. another good one! a friend of mine just recently did something similar with an old shabby find. But what you offered up for me was the added stenciling. Nice touch! cheers, -susan

  20. I want one!

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