I’m nuts for this hutch!

Suppose I was cruising Craigslist and spotted this beauty. I would probably stop the world to get that thing. Doctors appointment? Can’t make it, something came up. Parent teacher conference? Sorry…uh, family emergency. Bleeding from the head? Flesh wound, no big deal. 
Shelbie from Making it Mine is the lucky lady who owns this hutch. She did her own spin on it by removing the doors and shelves for a more open display and gave it a soft distressed gray treatment.
 I think it looks great, but I also think those doors were so beautiful, I wish they had stuck around! 
Thanks Shelbie! Check out her blog for more HERE.

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  1. I agree!
    Such a beauty — a great find indeed!

    It Love what she did with it.. but I too loved the doors…

  2. My word! That is SOOO much better!!

  3. I COVET that hutch…wait a minute, I am not supposed to covet.
    So, I would love to have something just like that hutch, (that someone else would re-do it would be even better).

  4. Really Nice!

  5. That gray is such a yummy color. Great makeover!

  6. everyone is writing about the color. I want to know EXACTLY what color was used and i will paint every thing I own. slight exageration, but still.

  7. love love love love love this! i just wish she would have done a tutorial the paint job is divine!



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