Denise’s Kitchen

The fleshy pink paint! The knotty wood! It’s … it’s everywhere! It makes me think of intestines and caves and lumberjacks. I feel like I’ve been eaten alive by Paul Bunyan. 
 (If you recall, I can’t look at knotty wood for too long without getting creeped the heck out). 
 That after is like freedom and fresh air and springtime and happiness. Love it. Thanks to Denise for sharing this great redo!

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  1. Wow so much more crisp…I like!

  2. So much better! But I had to laugh about your reaction to knotty pine. These are the cabinets my mother had in her kitchen and they bring back fond memories for me. I hate to think what you would have done seeing our dining room which was completely paneled in the stuff!

  3. And THIS is why I love white kitchens. Anything would have been better than the before but nothing could have made everything as light and clean as white. I love it. LOVE it!

  4. Wow, looks fantastic! I love everything about it, right down to the open shelf above the microwave! Because we have one, too – maybe I started a trend! Okay, okay, so probably not (she probably did that first), but hey, it’s still fun to imagine myself a trendsetter. lol 🙂

  5. Wow that looks fabulous! So light and brighty and cheery! And beautiful.

    And dangit you need to warn people that you are funny. I almost spit tea all over my monitor laughing at “It makes me think of intestines and caves and lumberjacks. I feel like I’ve been eaten alive by Paul Bunyan.” 😉

  6. so much better. great job.

  7. This is SO beautiful – I’m jealous of all that storage and room! WELL DONE!

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  9. A breath of fresh air!

    ~ And I am with you Lindsey! I do not like the knotty wood…

    Where I live.. it’s trendy and popular!

  10. Blah!!! Pink paint! Who would ever do that! It looks so much better after! Love it!!


  11. Thank you so so so much for visiting my blog and posting comments!! I really appreciate it!!


  12. Now where were all of you when I didn’t think that I should ever paint over wood? Everyone thought that I was nuts, except for the one friend who told me the truth…and I am so glad that I followed that advice. No more caves, lumberjacks and intestines for me…LOL! Thank you everyone for the kind comments. Since those pictures were taken I have opened up another shelf on one side of the microwave and am contemplating opening up the other side too!

  13. Here is the open shelving idea on my pitiful excuse for a decorating blog….

  14. Denise,

    I am so PROUD of you. You took a risk and worked your tail off to get this beautiful kitchen (ALL that PAINTIING!!!). I am glad you love it and get to enjoy it everyday!

  15. Yay Denise- the after looks fabulous and now everyone can enjoy your kitchen in all of it’s glory!

    Fantastic job- I’m glad you listened too.

  16. Gorgeous…

  17. LOVE THIS!

  18. that is fantastic.. you just cant beat white kitchens with green walls it just looks so fresh..
    great transformation

  19. “i feel like i’ve been eaten alive by Paul Bunyan.” bahahahaha! lindsey, you made me laugh out loud on that one. too funny!

    in all seriousness, this kitchen looks great!

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