Book Look

This dog is probably wondering why there is a mysterious pink window on the floor, and who that handsome stranger is staring back at him. And maybe he’s wondering, if he had opposable thumbs, what he could do to spruce up all that pink. Although probably not, as he is colorblind. Good thing his owner Anne-Marie knew what to do! 
 She modge-podged pages of an old book onto the frame, which sounds simple enough, but it really gave it such a unique look! I love it. Check out more pics on her blog 10 Rooms. Thanks Anne-Marie!

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  1. very cool

  2. I would like something like this made from an old copy of my favorite book Gone with the wind but I could not allow myself to tear up an old lovly copy :-(

  3. Great idea Anne-Marie! :)

  4. I love that look. Fantastic.

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