Pretty as a Princess

Jessica recently earned a cool-mom merit badge by making over her daughter’s bedroom for her 6th birthday. And the little girl knew exactly what she wanted: the color yellow and a canopy over the bed.
She must be thrilled with the outcome, it’s such a little princess room! It no longer looks like a bonus level in Super Mario Bros., what with the brick-like rectangles all over the wall. 
 I think the picture rail high up is also great, it brings the ceiling down to a more kid-friendly height. Thanks Jessica!

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  1. SO pretty! i love the vertical two tone stripes!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! The yellow is stunning, and so are the stripes!

  3. Looks fit for the Princess I am sure enjoys it!


  4. I love the stripes and the chair rail. The canopy is such a sweet addition with the curtains cascading out of it. Really nice!

  5. its gorgeous.. its sooo pretty

  6. Beautiful!

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