Eduardo’s Kitchen

Helloooo sexy! No, Before Kitchen, not you. What the heck was up with you, with your sink all off to the side like that? Who wants to stand at the sink and gaze directly at a cabinet? You were both depressing and boring at the same time. Yes, go away Before Kitchen and let me get a good look at dreamy After Kitchen! 

Ahhh, so lovely! The colors, the glass tile, the mill work! Eduardo was the Do-It-Yourself-er responsible for this beauty, see more pictures on This Old House.

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  1. that color scheme is gorgeous! go eduardo!

  2. I don’t believe you – that cannot be the same kitchen! Beautiful!

  3. Drooooooooooool.

  4. Go Eduardo Go! This is stunning!

  5. Eduardo has very good taste in “after” kitchens! I love that backsplash!

    Kat 🙂

  6. Wow. Huge difference. Love the backslpash!

  7. Wow! Go Eduardo! I had to take a second look to convince myself that it was the same kitchen. Beautiful colors, beautiful backsplash. It’s a fabulous space.

  8. Good heavens! What a difference. This is just stunning.

  9. Love the tile! The whole thing looks so finished!

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