Copper Wicker

White wicker…yikes! Barbara had this dresser that had sat in the closet for a few years until she dragged it out one day, thinking she might be able to use it to redecorate her living room. She used a mahogany gel stain, which must be easier than paint, because have you ever painted wicker? Not. Fun.
Still a bit too plain for her taste, she sprayed copper sheeting with vinegar and ammonia and left it outside for a week. She says, “Now it is my favorite piece of furniture!” Thanks Barbara!

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  1. Great job, but personally I would LOVE to have the before pieces!! lol…I know, how weird that I prefer the before right. Well I have a cottage/shabby chic living room that would gladly invite these pieces in!

  2. This is gorgeous and ingenious.

  3. This piece is beyond fabulous!!! I am so glad you shined the spot light on this one. I would love to know how she finished the edges of the metal for safety. I am VERY motivated to find me some old wicker to play with!!!

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