Stephanie’s Powder Room

What’s killing me about this before bathroom is not the wallpaper (which I actually think is kind of cute in its own cheerful way) but that pitiful excuse for a bathroom mirror! I hope no one actually had to get ready in this bathroom, because they could probably only see 1/4 of their face at a time!
 I love the after, just adding that bigger mirror made it seem much roomier in comparison. And I love the accessories. And it really is way better without that wallpaper too. See more on Stephanie’s blog Under the Table and Dreaming.

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  1. What IS up with that mirror?


  2. Hi,
    I just found your site and I really like it. I am going to follow it!

  3. The after is really lovely. I have seen so many powder rooms with tiny mirrors, what’s up with that? I like the size that she has put in, it’s perfect.

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