Dresser n Desk

Here are a few more I loved by Bethany at Dwellings by Devore. First up a vintage dresser redo (Is it really vintage? I don’t know, but I do know that my grandma has a dresser almost exactly like this, and if grandma has it, it’s vintage, honey). I love how she mixed it up with the black and white, and I think the drawer pulls are so unique!

This was Bethany’s husband’s beat-up old desk. It needed some TLC, and for the cost of paint and $5 for a recovered thriftstore chair, she’s got herself a brand new desk. I like how she added the cork tiles in the middle, to break up all that white. Thanks Bethany! Check both projects out HERE.

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  1. Love the desk but I love the chair more. Why is it that I never find great chairs like that?

  2. that dresser is tres chic! beautiful – I put one of those on the curb ten years ago, now I wish I had it.

  3. I agree with you, if something belonged to my Grandmother, it’s vintage. 🙂

    Great pieces! If only I could find good looking chairs like that to makeover. The dresser looks really nice with the black and white paint.

  4. That dresser sure has WOW factor! It is beautiful. And the desk? I’ve been laboring under the impression you had to have details in the furniture for it too look good when you paint it, I am so glad to know all those straight lined junkers in my house may actually have some potential. It looks great.

  5. That dresser is amazing!! I love it!! Great redos!

  6. I know I use the word “wow” on here a lot…but “WoW” those both look amazing!

    Kat 🙂

  7. I have that same dresser (plus matching wall mirror) and haven’t gotten around to prettying her up yet. I’m becoming inspired!

  8. Smile! I like these both a lot!

  9. I have this dresser too and it is in a black and white room awaiting a redo. I don’t know exactly qualifies as vintage by I got mine for my 2nd birthday and that makes it 47 years old. My daughter has the vanity and she painted it pink and added black handles.I thought I would hate it but some how I ended up loving it.

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