Closet Crafter

Closet Crafter
Here’s a fun one by Tammy from In Stitches. How many of us would love a craft/project room, if we only had the space? Well, no excuses! If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen! 
 Here is Tammy’s new craft room in what was formerly a little coat closet. More to see HERE. 
 Thanks Tammy! And thanks to Karen from Strictly Simple Style for bringing this one to my attention!



  1. January 11, 2010 / 2:44 PM

    Didn’t she do an awesome job? It looks great.

  2. January 11, 2010 / 5:26 PM

    Ahh years ago my hubby turned our coat closet into a second pantry (ours was teeny)…wish I’d thought to take pictures. He did SUCH a professional job! This one is really nice!

  3. January 11, 2010 / 5:38 PM

    We used to have a coat closet as a computer closet. The first time we did it was about 12 years ago, second time was about 5 years ago. VERY handy, although not nearly as pretty as the one above!

  4. January 11, 2010 / 7:30 PM

    What a great idea!! I love the color she used and those plaid knobs are too cute! I hope the door is open all the time, it’s too pretty to keep behind closed doors!!

    Kat 🙂

  5. April 14, 2011 / 7:52 PM

    Ooh-this is inspiring! Love it! Agreed on “cloffice”-sounds like a gynecological term.

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