Shotgun Shelf

“A gun rack? What am I supposed to do with a gun rack? I don’t even own A gun!” Quick, name that movie.
 I’m pretty sure this is not a gun rack, but it sort of looks like one. It look like it would be right at home hanging on a country cabin wall with some duck decoys perched on top, surrounded by deer heads. 
But just look at the after! So cute! It looks perfect for Christmas, don’t you think? Thanks to Better After reader Jeanette for this great redo!

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  1. Yes yes yes, me like!! I fell in here, in your beautiful and sensual blog.

    I take the opportunity to leave a footprint behind me, a swedish one.


  2. haha Wayne’s World! Isn’t that right?!

    Great re-do!

  3. haha Wayne’s World! Isn’t that right?!

    Great re-do!

  4. That is my favorite line from that movie! “Stacy, we broke up – GET THE NET!”… This is a great AFTER! ox

  5. oh I really like this! That is a great transformation!

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