Pity Party of One

Pity Party of One
I’ve been in bit of a blog slump, sorry friends! Just been busy doing stuff and more stuff. You know how it is. Also, something else put me in a slump recently, but I feel silly talking about it. Ok, ok, I’ll tell you. 
 So I admit, I was googling myself, and what to my wondrous eyes should appear? Some grinch of a girl had taken to her blog to trash Better After, and trash it soundly. She re-posted several projects that have been featured here, cattily mocking them and the people who made them. 
 I know I shouldn’t have let it get to me, but darn it, it hurt my feelers! Believe me, I realize not every project I post has the potential of ending up in some fabulous design magazine. More often than not, modge podge and scrapbook paper are heavily involved. 
 But if all it takes is a can of spray paint and a $6.99 desk from Goodwill to lift a person’s spirits and get them excited about personalizing the space around them, then where’s the harm in that, right? Not everything is “better after” to everyone, but I hope at least everyone can find some point of inspiration and see potential in things they may have previously overlooked. 
 Sigh. I feel better. 
 So, in the spirit of kindness, I have a favor to ask!

Check out this table. Leah, aka Momma O sent this in and said: 


“I’ve found such a deal on this kitchen table and chairs ($50!), but I’m not loving it in the state it’s currently in. I have a classy modern taste and this doesn’t fit my style at all. I know I would like to redo the table to be painted white or an espresso brown…but the chairs? I don’t like at all. Do you (or your readers) have any suggestions of ways to make them look more modern and stylish, or is it worth it to splurge on new chairs?”

What say you readers? Any super creative ideas to help her out? Let’s hear ’em!

and I’ll be back and slump-free on Monday! Happy Weekend!



  1. December 12, 2009 / 6:27 AM

    Well, poo on that girl! Who wants to be going around spreading hate and grouchiness? I LOOOOOVE your blog. (does it matter that I have only been subscribed for a week?) I can’t wait to see what everyone can come up with for this dining set because I have the same issue with my set, except mine has a tile tabletop. How cruddy is that?!

  2. December 12, 2009 / 6:55 AM

    I have to jump in and tell you…please ….give any power to such….doody. You inspire so many people…after all…aren’t our opinions of all of the wonderful things you do…worth so…so much more! Have a great weekend and please…keep up the wonderful job!

  3. December 12, 2009 / 6:58 AM

    I love your blog and I check it every day for new projects!! Don’t let some internet jerk get you down–keep bringing the DIY goodness!!

  4. December 12, 2009 / 7:11 AM

    What a LAME-O girl that posted that. I love your blog and I have lots of ideas I am going to do from your post’s! You rock LNDZ!

  5. December 12, 2009 / 7:13 AM

    You have a wonderful blog and so many of us benefit from your wonderful posts and ideas, please don’t let a petty little person get you down. Sometimes, and I’m sure you already know this, when someone says hurtful things just to be mean it’s usually because they are just trying to feel better about the miserable way they feel about themself. Don’t let her get to you, you are wonderful! ~ Theresa

  6. December 12, 2009 / 9:50 AM

    Please do not get discouraged over that other website. I think she is missing the entire concept of this site. That is to motivate and inspire others to find something that with a little love could be absolutely fantastic. Sure, not everything you post fits into MY sense of style, but I do love that people are recycling and re-purposing items to be used for many more years.

    One thing that doesn’t need any “Before and After” love is this website… so tell her to find a new hobby. Why doesn’t she try calling everyone in the phone book first? 🙂

  7. December 12, 2009 / 10:09 AM

    I almost forgot about the table and chairs!

    If you asked me a while ago I would have said, “Paint it all espresso!”.. whatever color you decide to paint the table, I would consider keeping the chairs. If you know someone that could cut a replacement seat you could easily add foam and fabric to make it look more modern/classy.

    Here are a couple of inspirational photos…
    The first being white on white with a bold fabric seat cushion:
    Black table, white chars.. sounds fishy, but looks amazing – this might also be harder to pull off because you won’t space to put the over-sized upholstered chair:

    (pictures are from http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/)

    I hope this helps and I can’t wait to see the end result. 🙂

  8. December 12, 2009 / 12:24 PM

    How mean. Your blog is wonderful!!! I love that you post all different kinds of projects, enjoy your writing, and look forward to visiting your site every day.

  9. December 12, 2009 / 12:40 PM

    I love your blog and I thank you for finding all these wonderful before & after projects. I am always amazed and inspired by the DIY bloggyland!

  10. December 12, 2009 / 1:02 PM

    Don’t let the insane ramblings of another get you down. If they have nothing better to do than criticize rather than create, then it’s their loss.

    Love the table espresso brown and what about chair covers in a coordinating patterned fabric? I’ve never tried such fabulousness, but maybe if you put a chair cushion under the cover for comfort? Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    Best wishes….(no more googling 🙂

  11. December 12, 2009 / 1:07 PM

    I’m going to break this up into two comments.

    First of all, I think that your blog rocks! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I’m not going to run out and do every single project, but every project reminds me that I can do amazing things to about anything. It also helps me to brainstorm my home decor problems. Blogs like this help so many people on a tight budget.

    Really, I think that the person is just jealous of you. If she didn’t feel envy she would never had said anything at all. You have a good following because you have a good blog. Keep up the good work!

  12. December 12, 2009 / 1:13 PM

    Ok, I’m a lurker,I admit it and I have always been afraid to comment because you have such a huge following and what would difference would my tiny one comment make anyway, but let me tell you, your blog has inspired to to start seeing all my furniture differently and I am currently busy with 2 chests of drawers and some wardrobes that I would never have even dreamed of making over if it hadn’t been for your blog. Sure there is some stuff that doesn’t appeal to my taste, but I still think the every transformation is fantastic!

    My suggestion about the table if she likes espresso and white, why not use both. Pad and cover the chairs with a nice elegant white with espresso design fabric, paint the chairs and table top white and the legs espresso. Simple and understated. Also, does depend on the decor of the room she will be putting it in. Or paint the legs and chairs white, the chair tops make espresso coloured and get some contact paper with a white espresso design on it and put over the top and then varnish over it.

    I’m a complete novice, but I hope that this helps a bit anyway.

    PS, I think you are very funny, I just love your sense of humour.

  13. December 12, 2009 / 1:17 PM

    On to the trouble shooting!

    I would not paint the table and chairs expresso personally. I would either do one of two things. I would paint them both black or the table antique white and the chairs black.

    The chairs are going to be a little more work if want to keep them. If you budget allows Ikea has some super cheap black chairs that have nice clean lines. We bought them 5 yrs ago and they are still in great shape. If you want to salvage the chairs I’d try to plan/sand down the bumps on the back support to make a smooth arch shape. Then I would remove the woven sets. That part will never look modern. I would then take lots of strips of knit fabric and weave a modern seat in the color of your choice. (See the book Weekend Sewing pg. 33 for a good pic). OR Something that would be really cool is to to actually cut the backs off the chairs so you just have basically a stool. Then wrap foam around the seats. Next make long slip covers that go to the floor. This would make them look like modern stools around the table.

    No matter what you do I can’t wait to see the results!

  14. December 12, 2009 / 1:21 PM

    Unfortunately the interweb is full of people who have nothing better to do with their lives than sit around mocking others – you have to wonder about someone who fills their day with negativity like that. I love your blog, always look forward to your posts so keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

    Now, as for the table & chairs… maybe white for the table (plastikote do a super tough spray paint with a gloss finish that would work really well), and maybe do the chairs in different pastel colours with white oilcloth seat pads?? Just an idea 🙂

  15. December 12, 2009 / 1:30 PM

    I LOVE this blog!!! Seriously, it’s one of my favorite decorating blogs! Who doesn’t love a “make-over”????? Don’t let the ramblings of someone who doesn’t “get it” get you down. Just continue to do what you love – the heck with everyone else!

    Thank you for all your hard work on this blog! It’s fabulous!

  16. December 12, 2009 / 1:31 PM

    Don’t you have to kind of wonder about people who actually have that kind of time to be catty? Seriously, I wish I had the kind of time that would allow me to sit around and be petty and insipid and mock others. Oh wait, if I did, I’m sure I’d use it much more productively, like do some of the gorgeous projects that you feature! Thank you for using your spare time to inspire and share with us! Love your blog and hugs to you!

  17. December 12, 2009 / 1:50 PM

    If it weren’t for this blog I wouldn’t have attempted either of the projects I recently took on. What I did (basically slap some paint on) is not nearly as creative as what many of your readers could have come up with, but it was so empowering for me. So I say “whatever” to mean blogger person! Keep up the good work!

  18. December 12, 2009 / 2:00 PM

    I’m sorry to hear that, Lindsey, but you know there are people like that out there. Best to just ignore and put it out of your mind. You do a good thing here and many people are proud of their projects ~ that’s what counts.

    I would look into those appliques that Home Depot, Lowes, even the craft stores carry now and see about getting one of the longer ones to put on the top slat(?) of the back of the chair {“back” meaning where the person’s back would actually be against) Give it a french kind of feel. Painted white with a glaze over it would look lovely.

  19. December 12, 2009 / 2:12 PM

    Your blog is a recent find for me and I totally enjoy it. Sure,there are some styles that would never work for me – but I still love seeing everyone’s creativity and the truth is….my house is boring!! I’m getting inspiration from your blog and hope to make some changes to my blah surroundings after the first of the year. Also, not everyone has lots of money to spend on new furnishings and that makes your blog ROCKSTAR!!

  20. Janet
    December 12, 2009 / 2:18 PM

    I love before and afters. When I found your blog a few weeks ago, I HAD to go back through your archive to see every post (so excited!!). Thank you for posting these, and don’t pay attention to that other blogger.

  21. December 12, 2009 / 2:26 PM

    She must not have a creative bone in her body, you inspire lots of people.

  22. December 12, 2009 / 2:28 PM

    Some people just can’t resist the urge to be mean on the Internet. I LOVE what you do here – every post makes me happy!

  23. December 12, 2009 / 2:40 PM

    I have about 30 blogs booklisted and yours is the first one I check each day. I enjoy seeing the transformations of “Junk” to “Fabulous” in the pictures. Your blog is not like any others I have found. Keep on doing what you are doing. It is fun, fresh, inspiring and original. Let the GRINCH go hide in a hole somewhere and sulk.

  24. December 12, 2009 / 2:46 PM

    how lame! i never understand why some people feel the need to demean others. your blog is great- a must read of mine! keep up the good work!

  25. December 12, 2009 / 2:53 PM

    What a waste of time and energy for that other girl to mock your site. I don’t get it!! Obviously we all have different tastes and I haven’t LOVED LOVED LOVED everything posted here, but isn’t that the nature of having opinions and differences? Still, you put a lot of work into this site and 99.9999999% of your readers love your finds, the ideas you share, and the inspiration to do projects ourselves. That other person is just a bah humbug.

  26. December 12, 2009 / 2:56 PM

    Well that will for sure put a damper on the day. I can totally relate to your pitty party…I do them all the time. If I was your neighbor I’d bake you a cake and blow up some balloons because your efforts to shed light on recyling furniture is fab. Not all of us have the same taste of style so by nature not all will be pleased. That’s not your problem. Forge full force ahead! Keep on posting! Keep Calm and Carry on! I get so excited when I see you’ve done a new post. Thanks creating a blog that is one of my delights each day.

  27. December 12, 2009 / 3:19 PM

    This is for the nasty poster…
    My Mom always said, “Go ahead and talk about ME. That means you are leaving some other poor soul alone’ Well, kiddo, you have been talked about–you got your 15 minutes…Goodbye!

    Now back to this great blog/blogger for the rest of us! I don’t do a lot of projects, but I like to see what others have done and what I COULD do if I wanted to! Thanks..

    dlynne172@ yahoo

  28. December 12, 2009 / 3:22 PM

    Aw, that stinks! As much as I’d like to tell you not to let it bother you (and you shouldn’t), it would bother me too, also, juuuuuuust a little bit. We’re human. I hope you’re out of your slump! I love seeing other people’s before-and-afters!

  29. December 12, 2009 / 3:28 PM

    First of all I want to thank you for posting my Before and After room redo this week. Because of your blog I have had hundreds of viewers. And you have taught me what design blog readers are looking for because you have 500 plus followers and I have but a handful. Some of your viewers( who come from all over the world) have taken the time to read my blog, many others have not. At first discouraged that what I have to say is not of interest to many of your design blog readers, I said to myself ” Don’t be jealous. Don’t give up.Just keep on writing because there are at least 5 people who feel that what I have to say is important for them. Don’t change your blog to attract readers. Be true to yourself.” Lindsey,you obviously are doing something very right. I will be using a number of your blog ideas when home staging and designing.
    Now to your followers, please don’t worry when I say that I know how many viewers read my blog and from which countries they come. I have a stat finder that gives me numbers and country locations but absolutely no personal information.
    Joanne from Halifax

  30. December 12, 2009 / 3:28 PM

    First of all I want to thank you for posting my Before and After room redo this week. Because of your blog I have had hundreds of viewers. And you have taught me what design blog readers are looking for because you have 500 plus followers and I have but a handful. Some of your viewers( who come from all over the world) have taken the time to read my blog, many others have not. At first discouraged that what I have to say is not of interest to many of your design blog readers, I said to myself ” Don’t be jealous. Don’t give up.Just keep on writing because there are at least 5 people who feel that what I have to say is important for them. Don’t change your blog to attract readers. Be true to yourself.” Lindsey,you obviously are doing something very right. I will be using a number of your blog ideas when home staging and designing.
    Now to your followers, please don’t worry when I say that I know how many viewers read my blog and from which countries they come. I have a stat finder that gives me numbers and country locations but absolutely no personal information.
    Joanne from Halifax

  31. December 12, 2009 / 3:28 PM

    First of all I want to thank you for posting my Before and After room redo this week. Because of your blog I have had hundreds of viewers. And you have taught me what design blog readers are looking for because you have 500 plus followers and I have but a handful. Some of your viewers( who come from all over the world) have taken the time to read my blog, many others have not. At first discouraged that what I have to say is not of interest to many of your design blog readers, I said to myself ” Don’t be jealous. Don’t give up.Just keep on writing because there are at least 5 people who feel that what I have to say is important for them. Don’t change your blog to attract readers. Be true to yourself.” Lindsey,you obviously are doing something very right. I will be using a number of your blog ideas when home staging and designing.
    Now to your followers, please don’t worry when I say that I know how many viewers read my blog and from which countries they come. I have a stat finder that gives me numbers and country locations but absolutely no personal information.
    Joanne from Halifax

  32. December 12, 2009 / 3:29 PM

    Mean spirited people suck! I hope she reads that-maybe her ATTITUDE will be “Better After”!

  33. December 12, 2009 / 3:31 PM

    I wish you would share the mean blog so I can spread love and cheer (also known as correction and scorn) back to her. I am sorry please don’t let it get to you. This is my favorite blog to stalk! I am so inspired all of the time.

  34. December 12, 2009 / 3:48 PM

    I for one love your blog, and always feel totally inspired by everyone’s projects – that mean girl was just . . . mean.

    As for the chairs, what about recovering the seats in some fun fabric to take away the country feel, and paint the chairs a solid black? The table could be painted black with a really graphic pattern on top. Can’t wait to see what she does!

  35. December 12, 2009 / 3:53 PM

    I love your blog and love seeing all the projects. Don’t let her bad attitude get you down. 🙂

  36. December 12, 2009 / 4:01 PM

    She’s probably just angry and bitter that she doesn’t have as many loyal followers as you. Plus, she’s just mad at her dad.

  37. December 12, 2009 / 4:03 PM

    Well some people are just LAME!! You should fake punch her in the air. It will make you feel better 🙂 hehe

    As for the table?? I would paint it brown (or white) as she said and slap some cute fabric on the chairs. If she can unscrew the bottoms all she has to do is add a cushion, cute fabric, and staple staple staple. GOod luck!!!

  38. December 12, 2009 / 4:13 PM

    I found your site about a month ago, and have been extremely inspired! My husband and I, for the time being, live in an old office building that was converted into a house (and not very well converted, either), so our house needs a lot of help. Your site and your links have have helped me feel like it’s doable. That other girl, is quite possibly jealous of all the creative things that happen here. Keep sharing your heart.

  39. December 12, 2009 / 4:19 PM

    I love your blog! It is so fun to see all the before and afters!! That lady deserves to be call a word I don’t like to say 😉

    As for the chairs. Paint them to go with the talble and then I would make cushions and make them look attached not just the pillow kind. Does that make sense!?!

  40. December 12, 2009 / 4:38 PM

    I love it that the projects are do-able for all people. modge podge and all. It won’t cost a fortune and it will be affordable. Keep going!!!

  41. December 12, 2009 / 4:45 PM

    I think someone is jealous.. Don’t let it get to you! In a weird way just be flattered that she would talk about you (good or bad)!!!!

    I think your blog is great! I had some ideas/ pictures of inspiration… So I posted on my blog!! And maybe it would cheer you up to read it (i sure hope)!

    Keep on doing what you do! I love your blog!!!



  42. December 12, 2009 / 5:21 PM

    i absolutely love your blog and find many of the projects you post inspirational. so thanks, and keep goin’ at it!

  43. December 12, 2009 / 6:09 PM

    I know you’ve gotten tons of encouraging comments already and I have to agree with them. I recently started following your blog and I love it. True, not everything is my style, but I am now seeing furniture in a whole new light. I scour thrift stores with Better After in mind thinking, what could I do with that? My house too is pretty boring so far (we rent and cannot paint the walls) but I have gotten tons of inspiration from your posts. And I have to say, I love reading the little intro you post before each project! Thanks for sharing all the creativity!

  44. December 12, 2009 / 6:14 PM

    People are idiots!! It’s actually kind of sad to me that someone would use their time to trash someone else’s work simply to do it.
    I love your blog! Love everything that you share. Love that you are SUPPORTING other bloggers.
    Keep it up.


  45. Anonymous
    December 12, 2009 / 6:30 PM

    I have been following your blog for a few months now. Before I found your blog, I didn’t think I could redo furniture but after seeing all the wonderful transformations that you post on your blog I thought I would give it a try. You and your blog inspired me. I check your blog DAILY. I LOVE it. I tell all my friends and family to check it out too! Don’t worry about the haters. You have TONS of lovers of your blog! You rock!!

  46. December 12, 2009 / 6:48 PM

    Hi Lindsey! You poor thing, don’t you get upset about some oh nasty one! I’ll get a gang of us gals and we’ll go over and just punch her smack in the stomach!

    I love coming to see what you’ve posted. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a big makeover or a tiny one. They all give inspiration! The nasty one is probably just jealous because she has no skills and probably needs lots of help! Again, a punch in her stomach would help immensely! 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  47. December 12, 2009 / 6:51 PM

    People amaze and confuse me! Why someone has so little happening in their own life to put effort into trashing someone else’s efforts blows me away.

    I love this blog! I love that someone has created something for themselves that they love! Everybody has different likes and dislikes. How boring would this world be if everyone liked exactly the same thing? Blah!

    And you as the blog owner, are wonderful because you don’t pick and choose what you think is worthy to be shown. You realize that everyone thinks their treasures are worthy and you give them a place to show off and feel good about that.

    If some pathetic bored simpleminded person has so little to offer the world other than trashing other people, they really don’t deserve even a second thought from you or any of us!

  48. December 12, 2009 / 6:55 PM

    Don’t be discouraged. Your blog provides inspiration and cheer to many people. Sure, we aren’t doing brain surgery, but we are being thrifty, creative and resourceful and what’s so bad about that. I love the before and afters!

  49. December 12, 2009 / 7:35 PM

    I love seeing your better afters! I was so excited that someone was doing a digest of all the good projects out there – thank you!

    I think for the chairs she could do some sleek slipcovers, maybe wrapping foam around the back to give them some padding. Then take the cover only to the bottom of the seat, perhaps. We bought very modern chairs in Germany that have a similar shape (also are SUPER comfortable) like these would if you wrapped and covered them.

  50. Anonymous
    December 12, 2009 / 7:42 PM

    I really had to chime in to say CONGRATULATIONS!

    You have your very own troll!

    That’s a rite of passage here in blogland, and what it proves is that you have reached a certain level of visibility and popularity.

    I personally hit your blog ever day, and will revisit it multiple times each day just to see if you’ve posted anything new.

    Your blog has connected me with many MANY others that I also now read on a daily basis. Blogs by people who, like me, are looking to improve my home, getting creative with less, and doing it all with a sense of humor.

    So thank you and congrats! You’ve earned it. 🙂

  51. December 12, 2009 / 8:03 PM

    Seriously, don’t let a mean girl take up space in your head. I love your blog! It is one of three that I check almost daily for inspiration and pure enjoyment.

  52. December 12, 2009 / 8:03 PM

    I can totally relate to your pity party as well. I’m a birthmother and in October angry adoptees decided to bash my blog for having a positive adoption story. Apparently they cannot understand that some people DO have positive and happy experiences with adoption and it’s ok to have that diversity on the web. I know it is very frustrating to deal with “trolls” but know that you have a FANTASTIC blog and inspire so many people (why else would I have to your for help?) and you have a ton of support. Keep blogging and keep your head up. You can’t please everyone and those who don’t like it don’t have to click here!

    Secondly, thanks so much for posting about my table and chairs. Your readers have given me some great ideas and my head is buzzing with the opportunities now. Thank you! I can’t wait to make a game plan and get started. I’ll email pictures when I’m done (depends on the weather of course to be able to paint).

  53. December 12, 2009 / 8:07 PM

    Girl, I am sorry that you are blue. Unfortunately there are people out there that revel in negativity and insulting other people. It is so much more a commentary on her and her personality than yours! If you ever doubt that, glance over at your Follower Box! Hugs, Katie

  54. December 12, 2009 / 9:42 PM

    To use a child like term for a childlike grinch…What a poo-head. Ignore. She obviously isn’t creative and feels jealous. Her only outlet is to bash good humans. Poo on her.
    Ok, on to the table. What a bargain. Rush seats and all. Wowzy. First paint. The color is no bueno. Then some sweet chair cushions and she really is done.

  55. December 12, 2009 / 10:55 PM

    I can’t believe someone would be so mean spirited! Whoever did it obviously has never taken a can of spray paint to anything…seeing something transform before your eyes is so awesome. I love you blog. Keep up the good work.

  56. December 12, 2009 / 11:28 PM

    I guess you could take it as a compliment that she spends her free time so focused on you and what you write about.

    How is that for the glass half full? 😉

    Petty and stupid. Why doesn’t she do something useful for society like invent a shower curtain that won’t billow inwards.

    As for Momma O’s dilemma? Definitely paint that table! Haha. And the chairs? I don’t know..maybe a chair cover but I think it would probably be worth it to look for new chairs.

  57. Anonymous
    December 13, 2009 / 1:05 AM

    I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your blog. Whether or not its a “better after” blog, its about sharing peoples experiences, and doing crafts that they love and are proud of. I am definitly inspiried every time I read a new entry to go fix an area of my home to personalize it.

    Keep going strong!

  58. Anonymous
    December 13, 2009 / 2:42 AM

    As my niece would say “she’s a hater” I just found your blog today and it’s great!…..some people really just don’t have anything better to do, forget about her comments and keep up the good work!

  59. December 13, 2009 / 4:20 AM

    So sorry that happened to you. There are some mean people out there. Don’t let it get you down. You have a FABULOUS blog and there are so many of us that look to it for inspiration. You are doing a great job!!!

  60. December 13, 2009 / 4:34 AM

    I’m so sorry that some people have to be so mean. I love all the great inspiration I get from your site. Even if I’m not working on something similar to the projects you are showing at the time, I can still get inspiration from them. Keep up the good work and ignore haters.

  61. December 13, 2009 / 4:57 AM

    Lindsey you are exactly right. I got my bachelors degree in interior design, and I was around that “i love only myself” type of people all. the. time! And I am telling you if all you care about is yourself, how much money you spend and brand names, then seriously get over yourself! besides in the long run, they will never be happy with themselves.

    Keep showing peoples projects, because everyone sees beauty if different things! Don’t let it get you down!

    Merry Christmas!

  62. December 13, 2009 / 6:31 AM

    I love your blog. Keep up the good work. You have alot of people’s support! 😉

  63. December 13, 2009 / 7:36 AM

    Glad to see everyone is telling you to ignore grouchy girl!! I love your blog and look forward to seeing whatever it is you post!! Keep on, keeping on!

  64. Anonymous
    December 13, 2009 / 5:11 PM

    I look forward to your new posts. I have an old piece of wood furniture in my basement that the old owners left behind 3 years ago that has been begging me to paint it. By looking at all your posts, I am inspired to finally do it, and I am psyched to send the results. Heck with the hater, you’re an inspiration!

  65. December 13, 2009 / 5:21 PM

    Holey smokes!!! Too many comments to read through them all and see if someone else already suggested this for the table and chairs. Well actually just the chairs, since she knows what she wants to do with the table.

    If it’s the TALL ladder backs she doesn’t like on the chairs, CUT them down! Then repaint them to match the table. If it’s the ‘rush seating’ she doesn’t like, it ‘could’ be removed (never done this myself, but I’d imagine you can just ‘cut it up with scissors’) Have some new ‘seats’ cut from plywood to upholster and cover with fabric.

    OR just add store bought cushions to the existing seats, after the chairs are painted.

    OR sell the chairs on craigslist and buy ones she really likes.

    OR see if someone on craigslist wants to SWAP chairs.

    And as for your new nemisis, grouchy grinch girl, “Those who CAN, DO . . . and they share and encourage others by sharing.” “Those who can’t, just critisize the others!”

    I think you should post her blog on here for all of us to give her a piece of our crafty minds!

    Thanks for the time you put into creating this blog. Simple ideas, complicated ideas . . . . something for ALL levels of skill. Even those of us who currently consider ourselves ‘seasoned professionlas’ started out with a hot glue gun and some scrap book paper!!

    Keep up the GREAT work!

    aj @ trash2treasure

  66. December 13, 2009 / 7:06 PM

    First off you have over 500 followers. I think she can bite your ___. I just found your blog a month ago and added it to my fav. list.I look on it all the time. I like it.

  67. December 13, 2009 / 7:53 PM

    Seriously- Any press is good press Even the bad, snarky stuff has the potential to get people over to your site which is all good in the end. Do I like all the stuff I see on all the blogs? God no! And being the outspoken gal I am sometimes I really wanna comment what I really think. But people are more sensitive than not so I zip it. To me it’s better to be supportive than opinionated. Now if this blog is devoted ENTIRELY to your blog and their dislike of it? Then yes- post the link and let’s have some fun!!

  68. December 13, 2009 / 9:38 PM

    The fact that some hater took all that time and energy to trash your blog means you’ve made it! Congrats! 🙂 (And screw ’em.)

    Just found your blog thanks to a tweet from ReadyMade, and this is totally my cup of tea. Can’t wait to poke around some more.

  69. Debbie
    December 13, 2009 / 9:47 PM

    I so enjoy what you do on your blog that I check it regularly. It really gets my creative ideas flowing! Some people can be really mean and that usually indicates envy, jealousy, and problems with self-worth. Forget about it…look how many of us have been lovin’ your efforts!! Keep ’em coming!

  70. December 13, 2009 / 9:58 PM

    The numbers speak for themselves, I am comment #69. 69 against 1? I have a feeling your pity party is over. I love your blog, I check it out every day!!! Keep up the great work. Hugs, Cindy S.

  71. December 14, 2009 / 12:29 AM

    Well I am from Australia and check your blog every day… I love the inspiration I get from it. I also love the fact it is ordinary every day people like myself that can do these projects…. If you want stuff to look store bought … go to a store. there are plenty of so called “professional” home and garden and make over shows/blogs to look at SO I SAY LET HER LOOK AT THOSE ONES AND LEAVE YOU ALONE !!!
    Please continue your great work – you have lots of fans in OZ as well

    Thank you xxxxxx

  72. December 14, 2009 / 12:41 AM

    I wish I could tell that girl to leave you alone!!! I love your blog. Transformations of any kind are my favorite things. It’s so fun to see the potential of things. I don’t have anything fabulous to suggest for the chairs, other than I would make them shiney. Sounds silly, maybe shiney isn’t the right word but glossy. I think it would make them pop. So whatever color she paints them (white, esspresso brown, whatever, make them glossy).
    Thanks for a great blog!!!

  73. December 14, 2009 / 1:11 AM

    What a lame-o! Your blog is inspired. I know what you mean though. I’ve been trashed by cyber-psychos too. It is easy to let it bother you, but if it changes the way you do things, that would be a shame! Keep up the great work!

  74. December 14, 2009 / 7:19 AM

    I LOVE our sight! I am just learning to decorate DIY style and your blog has been THE MOST helpful and inspirational! THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE! 🙂

  75. Anonymous
    December 14, 2009 / 11:48 AM

    Just know that your blog inspires alot of people. Can a blog of negativity do that? Enough said. Thanks for the many ohhs and ahhs! AND cheer up, like I’ve always told my children, when someone is saying bad things about you, they are covering their own insecurities or shortcomings. Thanks again, good job!

  76. December 14, 2009 / 2:53 PM

    Your blog is awesome, sorry if I haven’t told you enough… it’s my favorite visit everyday!!!!! You just keep being you… you don’t have time for the haters, your too busy spreading joy.

  77. Amanda
    December 14, 2009 / 3:04 PM

    I echo all of these fabulous comments. Not only do you by scout the entire internet universe in order to provide some amazing inspirational ideas to so many diy-ers, but you provide traffic to some of these blogs that the owners might not otherwise get. All with a sweet, refreshing wittiness.

    Thanks so much for helping me and so many be more productive and exciting at thrift stores and yard sales. My home (and bank account) thank you!

    (Oh, and the table – maybe solid color top with striped legs, and chairs solid color frame with a surprise color on the seat (pink?!)).

  78. December 14, 2009 / 5:00 PM

    I just found this post and I can’t believe the meanness of people in this world… I for one LOVE your blog and can’t get through a day without visiting it…

    I regonize it is out of the goodness of your heart that you take the time to add your creative little captions and stories of the piece that otherwise might just go un-noticed.

    Keep up the great work and don’t let people like that ruin your fun… the person probably doesn’t have a creative bone in her body… I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around you just have to be patient.

    Hmmmm wonder how many “REAL” friends she has????

    Hugs Deb

  79. December 14, 2009 / 6:47 PM

    I just came across your blog today and was reading all of your posts. Very inspiring seeing the before and after of so many things we all own. It lets us see the potential in our own objects. Thanks for creating such an inspiring site.

  80. December 14, 2009 / 6:59 PM

    Oh my gosh I LOVE your blog!! When people start criticizing you it just means you have made it big right? Your FAMOUS 🙂 She couldn’t think of a good blog idea so she decided to make fun of others, not very creative on her part. I for one love your blog and so do all the other commenters here

  81. December 18, 2009 / 3:24 AM

    Oh POO on them. People are so rude! I think you post great projects! Keep it up!

  82. December 19, 2009 / 1:37 AM

    You’re perfect! Don’t let that nasty ninny get your spirits down! She’s just a sad, insecure soul, the best you can do for her is to give her all the pity she deserves.

    As for the table, I’d love to see it stripped and stained Espresso. The chairs slipcovered in a light colored linen cotton blend… For some reason a ticking stripe wants to be involved somewhere… Maybe just contrasting welt (Espresso like the table?).

    Loves, hugs and keep doing what you do!

  83. December 22, 2009 / 8:58 PM

    Pay NO attention to that blog bully (I’m sensitive that way too though.)!
    You have an awesome blog and I LOVE seeing your posts and REAL transformations from REAl people. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    Have a VERY Merry Christmas!


  84. December 25, 2009 / 10:00 PM

    I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and think it is wonderful. I am trying to set the tone in my home by focusing on being content. The projects you share are realistic, and show that you can improve your surroundings and still stay within your budget. We are in the process of remodeling an old farm house, and I intend to implement many of the ideas you have posted. Thanks so much for sharing. Best wishes!

  85. March 11, 2010 / 11:13 PM

    Are you going to blog anymore? I keep checking your site for an update. I’m so sad, I had just found your blog and LOVED it. Please let me know what you decide. It’s a great blog!

  86. April 25, 2011 / 2:39 AM

    For real?! Some people never cease to amaze me! Your blog is my absolute favorite!!! I LOVE coming every single time and always walk away with fun ideas. I also love your fun titles and banter.

    Ignore the haters. : )


  87. Lisa in Deer Park, TX
    July 28, 2012 / 3:09 PM

    I think stenciling the table top only in a neutral color (black or white) leaving the original wood color to show through. Then, painting the chairs and table bottom in a great color; coral or teal, or any color that you like really. Then for the chair bottoms, replacing the wicker bottom using the 1 1/2 wide strapping weaving them and using tacks to secure them around the edge. Both the stenciling and chair seat replacement are both Better After projects. Good luck. Be sure to post so we can see what you did with them. But mostly, Have fun.

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