Much Redo

Please tell me you’ve checked out Kelly’s blog, Much To Do with Nothing. She is the queen of redos, and her blog is full of chair makeovers galore! She teaches how to sew a wing back slipcover HERE:

She rescued this sad thing back to its former glory:

And she gave each of these chairs their own distinct makeovers. They’re totally like the Sweet Valley High Twins.

This one is Elizabeth: elegant, demure, sophisticated.

This one is Jessica:

A little on the wild side!
(Ok, PLEASE tell me you know what I’m talking about here… Anyone?)

And, no, clearly not a chair,

but behold her fan-freaking-tastic bathroom:

Check more out here: Much To Do with Nothing!

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  1. Oh, Sweet Valley High… those crazy twins were such a part of my middle school years… 🙂

  2. Ok, I’m too old for Sweet Valley High, but I am IN LOVE with those chairs. Well done! If I had her knack, I would have something to do with this house full of chairs!

  3. Wow! She really does have some fantastic makeovers. I need to go check out her blog. Thanks!

  4. I am so bookmarking her blog! WOW! The chairs and that bathroom are gorgeous!

  5. Wow! I love them all! Great work! I’m off to check out her blog.

  6. Hey Lindsey! Wow this is so fun! You have a great blog. I think it’s what most of us out here in decorating blog land CRAVE… Before and Afters. I love them. Thanks so much for featuring my blog today. You rock!

  7. Ha! I remember CRYING to my mom after reading those books because I was so sad I didn’t have a twin sister. Oh my gosh…that’s hilarious.

    Great makeovers. I’ll have to go check out her blog.

  8. She is the Queen of the Makeover. What a talented lady.

  9. I’ve been to her blog and love her makeovers. I also loved Sweet Valley High and totally wanted a boyfriend like Todd. Thanks for the flashback ;).

  10. Just stumbled on your blog, love it!

  11. Love the chairs!! I can’t find chairs with those good bones. Sort of a bummer! She is one lucky girl!

  12. WHAT?!?! I’m speechless 🙂

  13. ….meaning I love them all!!

  14. I MUST have that bathroom… GORG!!

  15. Wow – those are amazing transformations. The Sweet Valley Twins are phenomenal – especially the black and white one!

  16. I think I choked on my coke when I got to the SVH reference– it’s been a long time since I thought of those books!

    I found you through craft rookies blog and am drooling over these before and afters. My hub thanks you for putting them all in one easy to find blog 🙂

  17. Amazing… those chairs are literally to die for… I love the highback chairs… both are so different but so gorgeous… nice job on your bathroom too… quite a change… I love it… great work.

    Hugs Deb

  18. Omigosh….I totally thought it was Sweet Valley High – but only after you ponted it out!! Glad to see I was on the right track! The chairs look awesome, too.

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