Liz’s Patio

*Clonk* That was the sound of my jaw hitting the desk. Isn’t this patio redo simply amazing? I mean, just LOOK at that before! It looks like it was built by a reeeeeeally protective parent who didn’t want their kids exposed to things like “sunlight,” or “other kids,” or “real grass.” Maybe it was some kind of torture chamber? Anyhoo, the after more than makes up for it. Love the outdoor curtains! 
 Thanks to Liz, from It’s Great to be Home.

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  1. I said, out loud, “shut up, RIGHT now!!!” upon seeing this… Ha! Gorgeous!

  2. WOWWEE!! That is amazing! Im in love! Great work Liz!

  3. WOW! LOVE it!!!!

  4. Simply Stunning!

  5. It doesn’t even look like the same place!

  6. Yay, this is too fun! Thanks for the nice comments, guys! I know, that patio gave us serious pause when we were thinking about buying our house – yikes!! 🙂

  7. Holy moly that is one fabulous re-do. The after doesn’t even look anything like the before! Liz did a fabulous job!!! You should head over to her site and see her entire flip – it’s total HGTV re-do quality! Amazing!

  8. i wish a had a beautiful spot like that at my house. well done Liz!

  9. Anonymous says:

    omg, this IS awesome, and love the drape idea for a warm rainy day!

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