Bright Seats

I love that Better After reader Carol went bold when she recovered these $4 Craigslist chairs. They are so bright and fun! Way better than before. What is fun about stained beige? Pretty much nothing, although I might have just invented a paint color name …

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  1. I have these EXACT chairs and hate them. I hate them even more now because hers are soo much cooler. 🙂

  2. I love those bright colors! They look great!

  3. Love the fabrics she recoved the chairs in! How perfect for outside around the pool!

  4. Love the fabric she used.

  5. These are really fun. I love that she used different patterns on each.

  6. Those chairs are fun! I like the deicision to use different fabrics on the seats. Cute and a great way to use remnants.

  7. Too FUN!!

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