White Hutch

So many lovely hutch redos, I’m really starting to get a twitch to do one myself. Twitch? Itch? You know what I mean. This one comes from Linda at Handed Down Treasures. Looks beautiful. You can’t go wrong with white, you simply can’t! I defy you to show me an example!

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  1. I love the whtie, it looks fab!

  2. Absolutely ~ every hutch I’ve seen painted white looks fantastic! I’ve been getting the itch to paint some furniture myself ~ only I’m looking at an armoire and coffee table and may go the black route.

  3. This looks amazing! If you don’t mind, I’m going to post it on my design blog…


  4. Paint can create little miracles.

  5. wow, that one’s gorgeous

  6. So pretty.

  7. This is just beautiful…what kind of paint did you use?

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