White Hutch

Someday I’m going to get the guts to find an old hutch on craigslist and give it a makeover too.
I love this one by Chris at Just a Girl. Can you ever go wrong with white? Ever? I defy you to give me one example! It’s so very classy. And click HERE to see it all gussied up for Halloween. Fantastic job, Chris!

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  1. Oh yes ~ I saw this when she posted it and last night I read her post about decorating it for Halloween. Wonderful job! It looks like a totally different piece.

  2. I.Want.That.

  3. I totally have one that I wanted to go shabby chic white with and my Mom was fighting me on it. I’m going for it!

  4. I think I saw this beauty on her blog. And I love it the second time around as well. You just can’t go wrong with a creamy coat of paint.

  5. I have an old, some what ugly, hutch that might look really cute like this….huuummmmmm

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