Red Room Redo

You know how I feel about red walls. Iffy. Sometimes … they can be a bit … much. Here’s a perfect example. Trish’s old dining room felt dark and cavelike, despite the 11.5 foot ceilings. The lone, north-facing window was fighting a losing battle against all that overpowering red! 
 But with the perfect shade of buttery yellow, just look at the transformation! Somehow it looks 3 times bigger! See more lovely photos of the after at her blog, The Old Post Road.

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  1. It’s gorgeous now, huh? So many people got on the “red dining room train” over the last 10 years – this new room looks so much softer, relaxing and sophisticated!

  2. Yes I agree— I am drawn to red accessories, but its just too much for me on walls.. that being said, hubs and I first apartment was painted red below the chair rail and bright yellow above- what were we thinking? But everyone who walked in there said “Oh I LOVE it” (maybe they were being polite- haha!)

  3. It doesn’t even look like the same room. Red is one of my favorite colors for decorating, but four red walls can get a bit overwhelming.

  4. Wow, a perfect example of how paint can transform a room. It’s beautiful!

  5. Wow, a perfect example of how paint can transform a room. It’s beautiful!

  6. Wow, a perfect example of how paint can transform a room. It’s beautiful!

  7. This looks great changed over from the red. It does look bigger; not as closed in.

  8. Wow, looks great! It looks so much warmer now. I love the classic decor, simple and timeless. The fireplace is to die for!

  9. I think the redo is fab! I love neutrals anyway and think this turned out beautiful! So much better!

  10. It looks so bright and big now!

  11. What a gorgeous room! I love how light a bright it is.

  12. que lindo, como gustó el detalle de las sillas, justo eso andaba buscando para las mias, ya quew a mi esposo no le gusta pintar los muebles, los porefiere color madera, asi estas fundas le darán el toque blanco natural que estoy buscandoi, muy buena idea TE FELICITO!!!!

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  13. Yeahhh! This excites me because I just painted my dining room a buttery yellow but haven’t finished putting up the trim yet. And I did it because I need light to enjoy my home so I chose the yellow to please myself. It’s nice to know that sometimes in your own creative mind,you do have good ideas.

    First time I’ve been to this site and am enjoying it. I came via Old Post Road.

    Lee Ann

  14. I love this makeover. She did a beautiful job!

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