Reading Nook

Cherish at Cup of Tea redid this old flip-top desk and chair and turned it into a cute little reading nook! I love that instead of buying new handles, she simply flipped the originals upside down for a new look. Great job Cherish!

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  1. Always amazing what a little black paint will do isn’t it? Definitely “better after”! 🙂
    pk @ Room Remix

  2. Black works so well! This turned out lovely. I want a “little reading nook” 🙂

  3. looks great!!

  4. The desk looks fantastic and I love how the black paint unites 2 pieces that didn’t match at all. Nice job!

  5. Wow, this is so incredibly flattering. Thank you, everyone!!!

  6. Those look great! I was a little shocked to see that desk because I was given one almost exactly like it, and I was hoping to redo mine this weekend. Mine will be completely different–I’m turning it into a pet station. It’s fun to see different ideas and end results when starting with the same item.

  7. I’ll be watching for your transformation, Kristi.

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