One Dresser Two Ways

Let’s go on a little field trip over to DIY, and see them take a plain white dresser in two totally different directions. 
 The first leather-like look was inspired by the briefcase handles which were actually used as, um, handles; and the second dresser was also given some new handles and moulding to add some antique flair. I believe the original dresser came from my boyfriend, Ikea.

And let’s zoom in, shall we? Check out the fake stitching, made with a gold leaf pen (and a steady hand).

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  1. isn’t that fake stitching amazing? I can guarantee it would NOT look like that if I did it! 🙂 Have a great weekend!
    pk @ room remix

  2. Those stitch marks are GENIUS! I would have to use ruler tape to get the lines straight and the same length (being a perfectionist is tedious)

  3. Wow, that suitcase one is really neat!

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