Entryway Redo

You know what I’ve noticed? There are a lot of creative people out there. And a lot of them are named Lindsey. See what I mean? If you want a creative kid, you should maybe name it Lindsey. Then again, my name is Lindsey, so yeah… don’t know if that theory is holding water… 
Lindsey from My Creative Attempts recently redid her entry way, and I think it’s muy fabuloso! Here’s what I like about it, list-style: 
1. Red done right. A lot of people do red, and frankly, it’s not my favorite. Usually, it just looks so random, like “Hey, you know what I’m going to do? Paint one wall in my house red, why the heck not?” But here it looks very classic with the black accents and the crown moulding. Lovely, darling.
2. I like that she took off that trim and camouflaged the heater rather than oddly enhancing it, like it was before. 
3. I like the boat! *whispers* “Ah want that.” (quick, name that movie) 
4. I also like that dark floor, a welcome change from that white tile. 
Thanks Lindsey!

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  1. Wow! She DID do a great job. Doesn’t look remotely close to the same entryway.
    pk @ room remix

  2. I love her ENTRY!
    Also your movie quote is Napoleon Dynamite!!!! AWESOME!!!!

  3. Wow! I love how the red makes it so warm!

  4. That looks great! It looks like a totally different entry.

  5. Now that is a ‘red carpet’ Entry! Beautiful and what a transformation!

  6. Wow! What an amazing transformation!

  7. this looks great! she pulled it together so beautifully.

  8. Thanks so much, Lindsey, for featuring me!!

  9. I feel that same way about turquoise. Random turquois table or dresser? what? But I admit, I do have a red wall. And a red door. (my pantry in my kitchen) I love it.

    Way too much on your site for me to catch up so I’m adding you to my bliggity blog list. 🙂

  10. I’m loving catching up on the projects, so many good ones… bread drawer desk! Wow… Drawer Shelf and then the fantastic entry… I LOVE YOUR BLOG thanks for bringing all these fabulous before and afters together!

  11. That is gorgeous – I LOVE the warm colors – so inviting!

  12. WOW!! What a warm and lovely change!!! Beautiful job, Chicky!!!

  13. What a fabulous and daring change. It turned out beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing…Tracy

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