Darlin Harlequin

Don’t despair if you are a renter and don’t have much artistic allowance in your home. Here’s an easy and non-permanent way to get a little dose of design on your walls. Better After reader Tara had a friend cut out these vinyl decals to create a striking harlequin backsplash in her kitchen.
 Looks great, and you know what I think? I think anyone who likes harlequin is automatically a fun person by default. Don’t you agree? Thanks Tara!

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  1. How?

  2. Using decals to create a design is a great solution for renters.

  3. I. LOVE. THIS!! I am a harlequin nut and love to see all my bloggy friends with their harlequin decor, but this takes the cake!

  4. Thanks for featuring my kitchen… My sisters and I started a blog inspired partly by your own of our own before and after projects, come visit it at 4sweetpeasinapod.blogspot.com


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