Chairs and More Chairs

I thought I’d continue with the chair makeover vibe that’s been a-happening here at Better After this week. So here, for your gazing pleasure, are a bunch of chairs!

I love that these don’t all exactly match! I wish I could pull that off without having a mental crisis. Loving the fall-ish colors on these also, courtesy of Design Sponge.


Brittany gave this old family heirloom a little mouth-to-mouth (uh, not literally) with a revived upholstery job. Looks WAY better!


Moooooove over boring! Say howdy to some Texas-sized fun with this chair redo from Victoria, ya’ll!


Sweet, simple, and suede. A hip redo from Britt at Cucumbersome.


Who decided office furniture has to be beige, oatmeal, and bland? I find bland office furniture offensive by its very lack of offensiveness! Redo by Joanie and James, courtesy of Design Sponge.


Oh, goodness. This last one makes me want to weep. Weep hot, salty tears of love and longing. So lovely. Sigh. From Molly at Chairloom.


And I feel like a jerk! This little beauty was hiding in my email inbox and missed the chandelier party! Sorry hun, I guess your invite got lost in the mail! From Whimsy by Victoria.

Whelperdoodles (yes, that is a word I actually say), that’s all folks!
Have a super weekend, and thanks so much to you! Yes you! For subscribing, following, commenting and emailing me your fabulous before and afters. Imaginary hugs and high-fives to you!

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  1. Mmmm…Seriously Delicious.

  2. Love the chandelier! That looks so fresh!

    I’m working on chairs like the first one right now. I love the chairs that received a whole new upholstery job, but I know I couldn’t do those. I really love the office chair makeover because they are usually so blah looking. Office chairs should come with a fabric option, just like other furniture.

  3. That office chair is amazing! So fun, I want it!

  4. LOVE that wingback makeover. You just find the best things!

  5. may have said this before, but I love your site. pretty much look for before and afters everyday.

  6. Hey Lindsey,
    Hope you dont mind but I have an award waiting for you on my blog..please dont feel you have to accept it just happy that some fellow bloggers from my end of the world read your fab blog x
    Annie x

  7. What a great bunch of chairs!

  8. I love the cow print chair, desk chair, and wing back. Those are great examples of how the right fabric can totally change a piece. Thanks for featuring these wonderful makeovers!

  9. SO CUTE!

  10. thanks for the feature! love your blog.

  11. Hi. I just found your post tonight – ummm this morning. What a smart idea everyone loves befores and afters. Well at least I know I do. I’ll be following.

    Have a blessed day…Tracy 🙂

    P.S. Stop by and visit me at anytime.

  12. Thank you Lindsey for featuring my chair and chandelier! It really made my day…I have been without internet connection and finally am back since we moved! I love your blog…i have so much more to come on before and afters…much work to do on our new home. Have a wonderful day!

    Hugs to you,

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