Tall Lamp

I tried giving a lamp a makeover last night… it didn’t go well. The before was better than the after, and the before was pretty bad. Sigh. 
 Well, here’s a good lamp revamp. This one went from gold and grannie to black and chic thanks to Anna at All Things Creative. I love her blog, it’s full of some great before and afters, check it out!

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  1. Beatiful! It had such a nice shape to begin with but was lost in all that “gildedness..” Looks lovely now.

  2. Hi there – I just love reading your blog!! I would love to go to lunch with you and just people watch so we could “make before and afer” comments of total strangers! We’d have a ball!

    When I move into my new house, I swear (think Scarlett O’Hara here doin’ the whole God as my witness thing) I am going to do a project that you will feel is worthy enough to post on here! 😉

    Oh – PS – I’d’ve gotten rid of the dog too!

  3. My son was just looking at your blog with me and he is enjoying the before and afters too. Now he is looking for everything in our house that we can turn into an AFTER. 🙂 He is 8 and we are having fun with this…thank you!

  4. I just stumbled on your blog, and it is so cute and inspiring! I’m going to add you so I can see more of your before and afters!

  5. OOOO I &ehearts; IT!

  6. Love that lamp! It looks so much better now. Gorgeous!

  7. black just makes everything better…just my opinion…its my favorite color for home decor..

    lovely lamp..

  8. Thats a really neat lamp! And it looks fabulous black.

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