Tall Clock

Jenny over at Pearl Street Interiors found this Swedish clock that was looking pretty unloved and gave it a contemporary look for her mother’s new living room. I love how it’s both antique and modern at the same time. I didn’t even know what a Swedish clock was until I found this project, but now I need one!

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  1. I think that I am in love with that clock. Is that possible? Should I see a shrink?

  2. wow thie is just georgus…great redo..

  3. where did she find this? I love it! Mumzy

  4. This is a fantastic makeover! I adore this clock.

  5. Holy cow I love this! Its breathtaking!

  6. Oh what a great blog! I’m glad you came accross my blog…..so I was able to take a look at yours.

  7. HI, Lindsey, thank you for stopping by, so glad you found my blog. Love, love this makeover, what a beautiful clock. Swedish design is all the rage these days, even though I have nothing in it. Please come back & visit me again!

  8. That is AMAZING! love it.

  9. I love Swedish design! That clock is fabulous!! I wish I had room for one!

    Thanks for visiting my blog it’s nice to meet you!


  10. It looks amazing! What a difference!

  11. Oh wow!!! what a transformation.

    Maybe I should be a little more adventurous and try out some makeovers too.

  12. Wow that is so cute. Love the way it blends in.

  13. i LOVE before and after’s. what a fun blog!!!!!

  14. She did an amazing job

  15. Absolutely stunning transformation!
    Gotta love this clock!

  16. I love that clock! The color choices were absolutely perfect. Well done.

  17. ohmygosh some people are just too talented for words!

  18. What a stunning piece. Amazing colors and in that beautiful room. Nice!

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