Patio Table

After her husband built her a new kitchen table (!), artist Tif Matthews and her 7 year old daughter repainted the old one. They now use it outdoors as a cheerful patio table. Hey Matthews family, do you think you could box up some of that crafty talent and send it my way?


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  1. that is GREAT!! NICE JOB

  2. LOOOOVE this table!!! Tiff is a friend of mine, and she is an AMAZINGLY talented artist!

  3. Wow – what a great, cheery job they did!

  4. Awesome joba nd what a great recycle project

  5. Great before and after, I have an old table in my garage and now it will become a patio table too!

  6. That turned out really cute!

  7. That’s so fun! Love it.

  8. Oh my mercy, now that’s some talent!

  9. I love this table. Been looking for an idea to do a table like that for our porch. How did she finish it for the out of doors? We live in a very hot and humid climate (Louisiana).

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