Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

This before looks worse than it really was… I think the cabinets are mid-removal, not just always like that. But if they were always like that, I’m betting they are much happier now!

Bree and her hubby gave their kitchen a new look by repainting and distressing their cabinets and adding the cutest little knobs! Go HERE to see them up close. It makes a big difference, I didn’t even notice that the wall was red in the before! Thanks Bree!

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  1. I guess it’s all about personal preference because I prefer the cabinets before that’s actually what I have in my kitchen now. Some black knobs, differents counter tops and different paint maybe a backsplash and they would have looked a lot better. My hat goes off to them for all of that work though-a huge task!!!

  2. Good for them for taking the leap away from stock cabinetry. It’s such a nice way to personalize your home and I love the new cabinets against the red.

  3. Haha no the cabinets weren’t originally off the hinges…I just remembered I needed to take a before picture after I had already started taking them off! Thanks for featuring me! 😀

  4. YAY for Bree!!! They look so great!

  5. Bree and Bryce did such an awesome job!

  6. How did you do that?? Is it paint and glaze? I’ve been thinking about attempting a similar project but it’s a tad intimidating.

  7. It became organized! You did a great job on this one.
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