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It’s Friday! I usually like to leave you with something astounding to gaze at over the weekend, but that’s not the case today. Instead, you get a little before and after from none other than myself! Get excited!
Ok, don’t get too excited, because all I did was take my superbly disgusting mousepad and give it some pretty new fabric. Yes, that is truly what my mousepad has looked like for the last few … years. (hangs head in shame).
 But isn’t almost everyone’s mousepad kind of gross and grubby? No? Just me? I knew it.
 Well, not anymore, thanks to some scrap fabric and that fusible hem tape webbing stuff. I don’t know what it’s called. You know what I mean. Too … lazy … to … Google.

And, my little ol‘ blog got an award, what what! Thanks Janell from Isabella and Max Rooms! 
I’m supposed to share some facts about myself, so here goes: 
 #1 I always count how many steps I take wherever I walk. I told you I’m a little OCD. 94 to the mailbox!
 #2 Despite my compulsive counting, I always ALWAYS skip the 80’s when I’m counting somehow. 77, 78, 79, 90! 
 #3 Despite the first two facts, I hate numbers and am really bad at math.
 #4 I will eat pretty much anything, (cheerios off the high chair, expired yogurt, iffy looking potato salad) but I am a SNOB when it comes to butter, of all things. Margarine, barf. 
 #5 I know they are kind of a decor-rage right now, but owls freak me the heck out. 
 #6 I sing in my car. Loudly. With hand gestures. It’s … not good. If someone pulls up next to me, I pretend I’m on my phone and keep on singing. 
 #7 I like to try out new mottos to live by. Current motto is “If you’re bored, then you’re boring.” 
 #8 I hate going to the movies. I’m almost always disappointed and then I get mad for wasting 12 bucks on something lame. 
 #9 But I watch the heck out of my TV! Greys Anatomy, (although the season premiere made me want to jump off a cliff it was so depressing), The Office, SYTYCD, Project Runway, The Soup, are a few favorites. 
 #10 And finally, I just want to say a big fat THANK YOU to all my fabulous followers and subscribers and loyal commenters! You guys seriously rock my socks. I wish I could personally high five every one of you! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I have to say that is a great idea to recover your mousepad. I actually have a ton of these from promotions that I could cover. I’d be making pretty mousepads and using some of the bits of fabric I can’t seem to get rid of.

  2. Lindsay, I can’t believe I am saying it for all the world to see, but I have #4 in common with you. I am bad with eating whatever, whenever. As long as it isn’t green and fuzzy, it is all good. We must have great stomachs.

    Congrats on your award!

  3. Your mouse pad is adorible!!!! I loved learning some fun facts about you!!!

  4. super cute great job!

  5. That is really cute! Yes, our mouse pad is grubby. And old! Its an AOL/Compaq one that came with our first computer, 8 years ago!

    Congrats on the award!

  6. haha…owls freak me out too! What is up with those creepy things?

    Love your blog!


  7. Loving the mousepad and I’m with you on the owl thing! So fun to learn more about you! Have a great weekend…

  8. Loved learning those tid-bits about you – I know what it is about the 80’s – we all want to forget that period – big hair, blue eyeshadow up to our eyebrows or at least I do ’cause that is just what I looked like!

    Loved the mouse pad – you go girl!

    Have a good one –

  9. Cute after pic, love reading your blog just about everyday. just starting out my blog and the links you provide on the before & afters to everyones sites is cool.


  10. I’m so inspired by your mouse pad project, I would have NEVER thought of that. Great job sis! God’s blessings on your weekend, Sarah 😀

  11. LUV that mousepad…looking good!

  12. Very nice…you should post a how-to!

    Cute and funny facts about you.

  13. Just found your blog and i LOVE it!! it is so inspiring. my husband inherited a huge owl picture/painting from the ’60s. Totally creeps me out so it was moved to the shed!

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