Round Coffee Table

This little table was cute, but it had the blues. Specifically, the I’m-Not-Quite-The-Right-Color-of-Blue Blues. Talia from This Little Life of Mine gave it a fresh coat of paint in a cheery blue-green, and now it’s fab!

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  1. Talia always has great crafty ideas like this. I think she painted her daughter’s crib a couple months ago too… so cute!

  2. This is a great Blog! Totoally cool! so many things to see and be inspired by!

    I love the color of this table!

  3. I love that color and the table I am a sucker for rounds.

  4. oh, thank you for posting this!!! I feel so special. 🙂

    From now on I shall always take BEFORE pictures of all my projects as well as the after… that’s one thing I’ve learned from your posts.

    your blog is becoming such a popular one… and no wonder. Yay for you!!

  5. oh my goodness… I LOVE this table!

  6. LOVE

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