Cute Ottoman

Cute Ottoman
Though I have never crossed paths with Gwen from Murphy Grace Home, I am almost positive that her before ottoman is the mate of a scary orange living room chair I grew up with. I love, love the fabric she recovered it with. It’s very hip in a vintage way. Neo-Vintage? Did I just coin a new term?! A quick google search tells me that no, I did not. Darn it.



  1. August 28, 2009 / 11:06 PM

    Thanks so much for posting my ottoman. I am beaming with pride and I don’t get to beam much;)

  2. August 29, 2009 / 1:35 AM

    Ahhhh! Your blog is so inspiring…glad to have found it!

  3. August 29, 2009 / 2:32 AM

    It’s way cute! I love the feet too.

  4. August 29, 2009 / 3:55 PM

    that ottoman looks so good! I love it I want an ottoman now.

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